Fix for wobbly Lenovo S10-3t screen

The screen hinge on my Lenovo S10-3t netbook/tablet was getting loose to the point where the screen was wobbling back and forth whenever I moved with it sitting on my lap.  Also, the screen was falling forward a half inch or so when I was holding it in tablet mode.  I was worried that the hinge itself was wearing out, but last night I decided to see if I could fix it anyway.  It turned out to be pretty simple.

If you’re having this problem, all you need to do it tighten two screws located on the bottom of the screen.  They’re hidden beneath two rubber pads, which I’ve highlighted in this picture:

Lenovo S10-3t hinge screw location

The pads are glued on, so you should be able to pry them off easily with your finger nails.  Once you’ve tightened the screws enough to eliminate the wobbling, you can cover them back up with the rubber pads.

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